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Reflexology in Diseases; is an application that is completely made directly to the nerves. Self-renewal of the body and the functioning of the nervous system is aimed by stimulating the two systems (sympathetic-parasympatic) in the brain by different ways at different pressures and activating the damaged neural support cells that we call support cells. The autonomic nervous system may not always function regularly and systematically in every person, in any case. Our illnesses, accidents that we have suffered, discomforts we had without cause over time can cause some damage to the nervous system in our body. Here, Reflexology is introduced to warn the system that is corrupted and allows the body to enter the balance. In other words, the process of recovery is underwent by identifying disturbed areas through climbing from the map that forms the mirror of the body, which is the end points of the body, blocking the energy community and giving the stimuli with certain pressure techniques. In the application it is passed to the process of minimizing the obstruction, diseases along with certain sessions and the regularity of this balance In contrast to the general reflexology. With the reflexology method, the parasympathetic system is activated in the problem of constipation, which most people face as a major problem. As every age is important, every disease, every obstacle has an importance and process. Everyone says he knows reflexology or he is applying reflexology, but let’s not forget that it is an important part of getting the treatment from experts. Because Reflexology can cause different results when false stimuli are given. Reflexology is to maintain the anatomic balance of the body by stimulating the sympathetic-parasympathetic system we call the autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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