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PRP is a medical application. After inspecting his patient, the doctor puts small amount of blood into tubes containing a special kind of gel and the centrifuge process is applied.

After this process, the blood is decomposed; in other terms, the part consisted of red cells of the blood- containing 200 000 thrombosis per milliliters- is decomposed, by this way a type of gel with the density up to 1.5 million thrombosis per milliliter is obtained.

That is called PRP.

Thrombosis have functions about blood clotting, beside that they also secrete growth factors providing recovery of a tissue damage. By this way the PRP-the part with large amount of thrombosis- provided by the blood processed with centrifuge is applied by injection into the areas such as face, neck, hair, knee, back etc.

Accordingly the natural growth factors that reverse the effects of aging or tissue damage is applied on the area needed.

In fact there are two different blood product obtained by the suggested method; one is PRP and the other one is thrombin serum. They are produced in two different tubes. In PRP tube there is a substance that prevents blood clotting.

In the other tube in contrast there is thrombin that enables thrombosis to be used as a filling material by providing blood clotting.

When these two are used together, the tissue restoring effect comes out more strongly.

Dr. Ceyhun NURI

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