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It is based on the principle of prolotherapy (cell and tissue regenerative) and irritant solutions injected into the body. Injections are usually made on injured, worn, weakened tendons and ligaments and joints.

Injected proliferative substances initiate a germless inflammatory process in the joint, at the junctions of the tendons with the muscles, and at the attachment points of the tendons to the bone.

With this process, the mechanisms that provide healing in the body are activated. The connective tissue and cartilage are regenerated. Following this, the joints, tendons and muscle aches disappear.

We get good results even in diseases that cannot be fully recovered by surgery.

Some of the diseases that benefit from prolotherapy and have good results; Arthrosis – calcifications (hand – knee – tongue etc. …), lumbar pain – neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist nerve compression), headache (migraine, tension type headache etc. …), stomach – neck stiffness, fibromyalgia Soft tissue rheumatism), osteoporosis-related bone fractures and related pain, tears in the shoulder joint and knee joint,

Partial scarring of the meniscus and anterior – posterior cruciate ligament, headache after neck trauma, pain associated with sacroiliac joint, sciatica, scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, tennis elbow,

Chewing muscles and pain associated with jaw joints, aching pain after lumbar puncture etc…

Prolotherapy surgery is a permanent treatment for nonsurgical chronic pain.

We treated hundreds of patients who were recommended knee – hip prosthesis or waist – neck surgery in our clinic.

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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