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It is possible to treat spinal disc herniation, muscle spasms and aches with the process of activating (manual therapy) all joints, muscles, bones, soft tissues within the physiological limits. According to the International Orthopedic Manual Therapy Federation, “Manual therapy, are passive movements whose techniques are applied on joints and / or related soft tissues and that requires hand skills. It is applied with different speeds and amplitudes. No tools are used during application. It is a completely manual process. Healing and relief are seen even at the end of the first session even in the complaints that have just started. In short the effect is noticeable from the first session. Sessions take about half an hour. Although there are no side effects, light aches are rarely seen at the place where manual therapy is applied at the end of the first session.


Scope of application


Manual therapy can be applied for all kinds of joints and soft tissue disorders such as headache headaches, migraine, back, shoulder pain, waist pain(spinal disk hernia), hip pain, neck pain (cervical disc hernia). It is applicable to all individuals regardless of their age.


Unadvisable situations


It is not recommended on bone marrow, ankylosing spondylitis, fractures.

ylitis, fractures.