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Lymph drainage is a system aimed at discarding obstructions in the lymph system. Free flow of lymph fluid is provided by lymph drainage method. As a result of weight loss caused by proper diet and exercise program, the body tightens and eliminates liquid and toxins that are accumulated in the body. Lymph or Fluid is a colorless liquid containing white blood cells, similar to blood plasma. In another explanation, it is the circulation fluid circulating in the lymph vessels, consisting of blood plasma and lymph proteins. What lies beneath the basis of the massage application called lymph drainage is to increase the metabolism rate of the lymph circulation, an important part of the blood circulation, the layers of the toxins causing pills in the body to be thrown out and more oxygen to reach tissues through blood circulation. In this regard, the lymph drainage method is used to dissolve the fatty tissue, especially in areas near the skin.

Lymph drainage practices, effectively drain the whole body’s lymph system together with abdominal, leg and arm cuffs, dissolve edema, increase blood circulation, and remove metabolites from the lymphatic channels. Massage technique applied from the tip of the foot to the neck allows the liquids and toxins kept in the body to pass through the urine by providing the blood circulation. Manual lymph drainage massage is based on the technique of manually manipulating the lymph system to provide free flow of blocked lymph fluid. By affecting the nervous system, it reduces pain and provides deep comfort. The most important feature of the lymph drainage massage is that it excretes toxins and edema leading to regional weight and cellulite in the body and regulates the circulatory system. The main difference that distinguishes it from other massages is that it can be done without using any products or it can be applied in the presence of cellulite removing oils according to the desire of the person. This method of massage consists of much lighter, monotonous and repetitive movements than other messages. We make this massage one-way from the end points of the body towards the heart, following the lymph flow. Also, unlike other massages after massage, redness of skin and acceleration of blood circulation do not occur. As the lymph drainage massage is continued, the circulation becomes normal and the body structure becomes thinner and firmer.

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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