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It is the acupuncture technique on which low electric current is applied on needles placed at specific parts of the body. Our doctor starts the treatment with the diagnosis of the illness. It is carried out with the diagnosis meetings, detailed inspections and other methods. Acupuncture tries to balance or heal the flow of life energy. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, illnesses result from the inability of the flow of life energy to move properly.

Electro acupuncture is generally applied in circumstances in which there is a chronic pain or it is difficult to stimulate or activate the flow of life energy.

Patients generally lay down during the acupuncture treatment. Fine, sterile needles are used. Another advantage of the electro acupuncture is, the error margin on placing the needle is less than normal acupuncture as the electric current stimulates a larger area.

In electro acupuncture, application is performed with two needles in order the current to flow from one needle to another in body. Small devices are used to apply electric current, regulate the current and send electric current to the needles by connecting them. The electric charge is very low and can be configured by the patient or doctor. The treatment starts by rising the voltage slowly.  More than one needle can be stimulated and the electric current on the meridians can last for 30 minutes or more.


It is advised for any kinds of treatments of the illnesses that don’t respond to the traditional acupuncture. It is used for the treatments of chronic muscle spasms, reduce pain, and neurosis effectively.

The illness groups to be careful about

It shouldn’t be applied on the individuals who has heart disease, stroke history, pacemaker or epileptic attack. It should be careful on spastic muscles.

Side effects

During the application the patients may feel formication, heat or slight pain.  Bruises and bleeding may be observed as the needles may hit the tiny blood vessel.