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In Auriculoteraphy (ear acupuncture) the acupuncture principles are applied on the specific spots on ear. Treatment starts by stimulating these specific points of healing process. There are many blood vessels and nerve endings. When these vessels and nerves are stimulated organs and body functions starts to activate. Following the inspection and interview, treatment is started by checking the patient’s ear carefully. Ears are palpated and the deviancies or pain spots should be checked. Unergetic or senseless spots are checked by using cold and hot needles. Permanent needles can be used in this treatment. Tiny and nail like needles are stick to the ear with narrow tape and stays on ear in periods changing from a few days to a few weeks. These needles are used for health problems such as addiction, chronic ( long term)  infections that needs constant stimulation on the acupuncture spots of ear.


It is a non-invasive (aggressive) and rapid responsive pain control method. Ear acupuncture can also be applied as anesthesia in medical procedures. This method is often used to help overcoming drug, alcohol and smoking addiction and the treatments of chronic health problems.

The illness groups to be careful about

As the other acupuncture types, Auriculoteraphy is not applied on the patients that are tired or weak, hungry or just ate or drunk. This treatment is not applied on first six months of pregnancy. After first six months, this process is applied only on specific spots on mother’s ear. It is not suggested for children under age of seven and it should be very careful while applying on over aged patients. Ear acupuncture is not suggested for the people having anemia. Neurotic patients should be relaxed completely before treatment.

Side effects

Nausea, dizziness, headache, torpor, perspiration, syncope (fainting) among the side effects that can show up after treatment. Swelter, increase on pulsation can be observed. These recreations come out depending on the anxiety while it can also occur as a result of sticking the acupuncture needles too deep or applying them in wrong places. Side effects are accepted normal and vanishes in a short time.