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Before we learn what detox is, let’s what is the toxin? Toxin means poison. Toxins are produced both in our bodies and taken from the outside. Detox means to get rid of the harmful toxins entering our body in any way or produced by our body and waiting to be thrown out as waste. It is a Latin word and short form of the concept of Detoxification.


The purpose of Detox is to protect our health by purifying our body from toxins, to prevent the acidification of the fluids in our bodies, maintain the acid-base balance. In a healthy body, blood and body fluids are expected to be slightly alkaline. Alkali body fluid and oxygen in the body are also the basis of a strong immune system. Blood acidification can damage our organs and brain cells.

  • Total fasting / only with water, tea and vegetable-juices
  • Basic fasting / nutrition (not eating acid producers)
  • Unidirectional feeding: Feeding only with uncooked foods (liquid or solid)
  • Not eating anything solid on one day of the week
  • With different religious fasting Detoxification can be done.

How long should detox periods be?

1- For total fasting: At least 5 days and at most 21 days; 1-2 times a year.

2- For basic feeding: at least 7 days and at most 21 days; A few times a year.

3- For unidirectional feeding (only for fruit and raw food): for a certain day in a week

4- Not eating anything solid a day of the week: get rid of toxins with an ever-increasing amount of oxygen (ozone), aerobic exercise program and basic water consumption (weight * 30 ml).

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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