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The word meaning of bioenergy; it is natural energy. There is a continuous vibration in the body and low-voltage electromagnetic current. Electromagnetic flow is not bounded to the physical body. Thus, it can flow from one body to another. This electromagnetic flow is centered on the right side of the body. The flow of bioenergy is not limited to humans; It flows to the whole thing. Plants have a polar opposite to that of humans; with them, a free channel is opened between us. There is no negative energy in a healthy body. If there is a problem anywhere in the body; that region begins to produce negative energy. Rather; the communication between that region and the brain is disconnected. So; we should not break the bond between the mind and the configuration department of the brain that keeps all of our body alive.

Bioenergy Applications

The electric current in our body forms an area around the body. It’s called “aura.” Aura consists of positive and negative electricity. The balance of these two currents is essential for body health. When the balance is deteriorated, health problems arise. Normally energy balance is provided by acupuncture needles, but another way to do this is that a person with a strong energy transfers a weaker energetic human energy. According to Bioenergy, each person has seven DOORs in his or her body. And these gates are considered as energy centers. Energy transfer is usually done through these doors. It is accepted as the energy channel between door 1 and door 7.

According to experts in bioenergy, we can control our body’s energy flow with our own hands, and we can manage some discomforts especially using the fingertips where the most energy is. Perhaps you’ve noticed, when we have a pain, we take our hand to our painful place. As a result, we feel a relief and sometimes even pain passes off. It comes from touching the points where these doors are.

The places of the doors in the body and the diseases they treat

Door 1: Between the tail bone and the anus and it is the center of the energy system.

Door 2: it’s on the tail bone. It controls the reproductive system.

Door 3: it’s in the middle of the lumbar vertebra and the belly. It controls the digestive system. It treats ulcer, indigestion, kidney inflammation.

Door 4: it’s in the middle of the rib cage. It is good for High blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems.

Door 5: It is in the middle of the neck with the rib cage. It controls the respiratory tract and the skin. It is good for Cough, asthma and allergies.

Gate 6: It is in the middle of the forehead, between two eyebrows. It controls all the systems in the body. Joint pain, headaches, insomnia…

Door 7: It is in the middle of the top of the head.

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