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Classical Definition

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that usually begins with swelling, pain, limitation of movement, stiffness in the joints, and heart, kidney and many organs.

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ’s Broad Definition

It is a chronic autoimmune disease with an immune system base that destroys mostly joint but generally all body systems as a result of Increasing of allergens and toxins caused by internal (Sadness, Stress, etc.) and external (Moisture, Cold, Malnutrition, etc.) pathogens causing the immune system to be extremely stimulated, mainly through intestinal and liver, cell nucleus and DNA alteration.


Classic View:

The reason is unknown. As the immune system becomes excessively stimulating, the synovium layer that infects mainly the joint is inflamed as the body regards its own cells as foreign. Inflammatory cells begin to accumulate within the joint, and a number of substances (cytokines, antibodies, enzymes) are secreted from these inflammatory cells to the environment. Afterwards, joint, cartilage, tendon, muscle and other internal organs of the involvement, destruction is added.

Dr. Ceyhun NURI’s View of Causes of Formation:

Imagine a cell. This cell contains the nucleus that contains DNA, mitochondria, cytoplasm and many building blocks. The vitality of this cell depends on the osmosis that is amount of salt, element and water between the inside and outside of the cell. Just as the cell needs some oils called phospholipids to protect its wall structure and the oxygen needs of the cell must be met with the right breathing, this oxygen needs iron to reach the cell. Vitamin D of this cell, Vitamin B12 for the healthy functioning of neural stimuli needs to be excreted from the outside. This cell needs some things as well as it needs to get rid of oxidative stress radicals caused by stress. As we do not drink water, we often need to clean allergens and toxins that accumulate in the cell as we often consume flour and sugary products. Let’s make the case a bit more plausible with an example. Consider that you eat a piece of delicious kebab. Normally, a bite is beautifully chewed, shredded slowly in the mouth then shipped to the stomach, and some of these broken pieces of meat (the stomach cannot do this shredding)  transform into an intermediate form called the polypeptide with the help of enzymes called (protease). This mixture is then sent to the small intestines. In this stop, the intermediate form called the polypeptide is converted into the amino acid conformation that the body can use with these enzymes (peptidase) and it gets absorbed from the intestines and turns into the building block of our cells.

If you swallow this piece of meat quickly without chewing it, the stomach cannot break apart this mass that has been swallowed alive. Unresolved piece of meat passes through the intestines as a whole. While normally, like amino acids, it needs to be absorbed from the intestines in a way that our body can take advantage of, it begins to enter our bodies in an incompatible manner with our physiology. These amino acid particles that start to be emerged are taken to the liver for detoxification by the immune system (Leukocyte, NK, Leukotriene, etc.). If this kind of life goes on and food, allergen, food, etc. constantly keep on entering our body as a contradiction of the mood to our bodies, the intestinal wall of our bowels begins to deteriorate and the substances that are not compatible with our physiology, which should not be absorbed anymore, begin to enter the body. Now our liver cannot cope with all of these, our immune system, which is trying to protect our body, becomes extremely alert because of its constant reactions to allergens, foreign amino acids. Then it begins to show its reaction to foreign substances against his own cells. We call it autoimmune response. Many toxins, which the liver cannot clean, begin to be given to the blood again. In areas where blood circulation is weak, some substances (Histamine etc.) start to be secreted by the effect of increased allergies. In those areas swelling, edema, pain, redness, in short, inflammation begins to develop.

If we add the teachings of Oriental medicine to these explanations, it is possible to bet on RA types that are affected by hot and cold types of rheumatoid arthritis, those with involvement in the upper and lower half of the body, deficiency or excess syndrome, pain or painlessness, wind, humidity and cold.

While wind dominant arthralgia usually affects upper body half, humidity-dominant arthralgia is most commonly characterized by the lower part of the body, which is accompanied by swelling and stiffness and numbness in the joints. Cold-dominant arthritis is characterized by a lack of circulation in the extremities, especially in the elderly, and is particularly affected by the lower back region and the kidneys.

The features of Rheumatoid arthritis that distinguishes it from other joint diseases

The disease that is most often associated with RA is Osteoarthritis.

In osteoarthritis, one of the joints gradually worsens and shows constant sharp pain.

Regarding joint involvement, RA and Osteoarthritis can start from any joint. However, fingers generally affected in RA, hip and knee joint is mostly affected in osteoarthritis.



In patients with rheumatoid arthritis, HLA-DR4 have been demonstrated as genetic markers. Let’s not forget that the disease is not passed from parents. It is the reading error in DNA (Phenotype building) due to parents’ mistakes.


Once the patient is questioned in detail (anamnesis), he or she should undergo a very detailed physical examination. With the data we get from here, our examination request list we will be formed. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate and CRP elevation support the diagnosis of the positive formation of the “Rheumatoid Factor” test. Nevertheless, additional tests should be requested in these patients (Insulin, 25 Hydroxy Dvit, Ferritin, Routine Biochemistry etc.)

Let us not forget that in order for the Patient-Disease-Therapeutic relationship to be constructed in a healthy way, the Doctor must treat the Patient as a whole.


Classical Approach

There is no treatment for etiology, that is, to solve the problem yet. The treatments are to stop inflammation and progression of joint destruction by suppressing pain relief and immunosuppressive immune system (NSAID, IVIG, Methotrexate, Methylprednisolone, Cyclosporin, Sulphasalazine, etc.).

Dr. Ceyhun NURI Approach

It is useful to examine the treatment approach in four stages.

  1. We need to eliminate allergens and toxins (drugs, food supplements, frying, pills, etc.) which are included in the body and which are considered to be foreign in the first place
  2. In order to ensure the healthy functioning of our body, deficiencies in the body must be determined and replaced (D Vit., B12 Vit., Ferritin, Water, Sport, Oxygen etc.)
  3. In the body, especially liver, intestine, respiration etc. systems need to be edited. This means the body’s own repair mechanism.
  4. A healthy flow of information should be provided over the DNA to complete the disease. So genetic infrastructure should be solved (Genetic problems are not unsolvable!!!!)

NOTE: Let’s not forget, the treatment should definitely include all our body structures (Physics, Energy, Knowledge, and Spirit)!!!



Joint Deformities

Restricted Movement

Involvement of heart, kidney and other internal organs

The worsening of the table with the addition of other autoimmune diseases (morbus behçet, Ankylosing Spondylitis, SLE, IBS, etc.).



  1. If 2 teaspoons, a sweet spoon ground ginger, a sweet spoon of black sesame, a sweet spoon ground turmeric, a sweet spoon ground grape seed added in a bowl of yoghurt is consumed every day, they help to reduce inflammation in the body.
  2. If the edible herb is cooked and consumed like spinach, this also contributes to the reduction of inflammation in the body.
  3. For the repair of the intestinal structure, which is considered the entrance gate of allergens and toxins, they should spend two full days of the week eating vegetables. Three times a day they should eat pure centaury oil on an empty stomach.


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Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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