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In esthetic acupuncture, removing the wrinkles and the prolapse on the neck and face region by placing the needles on these regions and bringing shine and youngness on the skin is supported. Besides face and neck esthetics, it is also used effectively for the varicosity and acne treatments. During the application, no chemicals are used along with no attempts are made that can harm the body. There are no side effects while slight bruises on the regions only where needle is stick in can be observed.


It can be applied easily on the patients over 35 who wants to keep their healthy and lively look or needs their skin on the face and neck region to look younger and become tight. It is possible to have the skin dreamt following the 10 sessions treatment.


Wiping the chenopodium antelmintiiicum (goose foot), slenderizing the thick lines on the face, vanishing the lines around the mouth, relaxing the pimpled face and removing the acnes, decrease on the signs of ageing, the tightening and stretching of the skin applied, having the skin to have a lively, bright, humid and young look is aimed. Furthermore, it forms a basis for disappearing the complaints such as depression, sleep problems, nervousness, going hot all over.

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ