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Everybody wants to lose weight but the point that concerns all people is “I wonder if I regain the weight I lose”. Human is a living being consists of 70-80% water. If you put pressure on a rough container filled with water, it blows at the end. Human is this kind of being. If you don’t continuously show it the direction to flow and only pressurize it or apply restrictions, eventually it rebels and renounces not only one but the whole applications you are trying to make even if there are good practices among them. It is certainly against nature to apply strict diets (follow the diet gram by gram, frequent meals, watermelon diet, etc.) to our patients who underwent acupuncture application for years without taking their temperaments into consideration, teaching them habits to pursue their lives, teaching them the facts that we know but forgotten over years (one-course meal, consumption of actual salt before and after meal, not to eat sweets after a meal, etc.).As the people run away at the first opportunity and they got back into their lives without any change in their disposition, they attack that old delicious pastries and desserts they are starved more willing. At the end Acupuncture treatment that help people for centuries is considered as the main inaccuracy among all of these mistakes. NO! THAT’S NOT SO.

With the combined therapy we apply, a secondary disposition is given to our patients in the light of information coming from our roots in 40 days. I would like to lay emphasis on that none of the patients treated do not return to their previous life. If you want to treat a person, what needs to be done is to help the body through healing by activating its inner mechanisms. We believe the patient attains healing as a result of treating the body, emotions, mind/subconscious and soul as a whole. Obesity problems are such kinds of situations and in our clinic we aim to reach success as a result of many techniques moving along not only one form of treatment method

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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