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In the IVF Treatment applied with the hope of having children, live birth takes place at the rate of %25. In this method embryo formation is not the main problem in most cases; the main problem is to ensure the adherence of this embryo to the uterus. If we think the issue in a matter of holistic medicine, visualize the uterus that the embryo will adhere to.  As the other organs required, this also needs the high quality blood support loaded with oxygen. This organ is a part of human body. When we look at the whole picture we see that as a result of the issues such as exposure to stress, insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome presence, the deficiency of many vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and Iron, failure to meet the needs of the cell and the removal of the toxins formed in the cell, problems occur inside the cell. And then you can’t get the necessary response from the body.

The effects of acupuncture on fertility

-By triggering the secretion of serotonin, endorphins through brain GnRH release is raised, also gonadotropin and ovarian steroid secretion is regulated

– When we eliminate the uterine vascular resistance by inhibiting the sympathetic stimulation of uterus, the blood circulation increases. In addition, the possibility of embryo implantation is raised by increasing the thickness of endometrium.

– By triggering the brain opioid secretion, resistance to stress is increased over MSS