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Allergic response, is a state that comes out with the response of the immune system against a substance (allergen) entering our body and which is considered foreign. Some kinds of biochemical (ECFA, Histamine, and Serotonin) are released resulting the reaction between allergen-antibody and symptoms occur according to the entry of this allergen.

If the foreign matter enters our body through air, it causes complaints such as watery eyes, runny nose, and shortness of breathing. If entered through esophagus, it causes the complaints of gas, bloating, diarrhea / constipation, etc.

If allergic recreation takes hold of all body systems, biochemicals released from mast cells(ECFA, Histamine, and Serotonin) can cause the decrease of blood pressure, shock, loss of conscious and even death.

Many illnesses are developed depending on the allergy in other words by the foreign matter to enter the body. These include middle ear infection as we call otitis, urticaria, skin diseases such as eczema, rheumatism, diseases of the respiratory system, such as allergic asthma and bronchitis etc. However, it doesn’t occur to anybody that these kinds of complaints depend on allergy.

Why do allergies occur?

Normally it is considerate that there are over 100 trillion bacteria in our intestines. Most of these consist of prebiotic bacteria (lactobacillus and bifidobacterium) that are beneficial for us.

These prebiotic bacteria which is the inner layer of our intestines assist the strengthening of the immune system against the foreign allergens entering our body. They reinforce the firewall of our intestines that does not allow the harmful substances in blood (undigested food particles, toxic substances) to pass. This is called Intestinal Sealing

Selective permeability of the walls of our intestines breaks down by the harmful/ pathogen microorganisms seizing the advantage in the intestine as a result of the errors on our nutrition (mixed eating, having sweet, fruit after the food, not being truthful to the proper feeding to be fed with food with additives and burned food) not consuming water, antibiotic usage and undigested protein fragments, frying residues, food additives that normally cannot pass through, go by in our blood. Against this kind of foreign matter members of the immune system starts to react suddenly and eventually allergic reaction develops as a result of allergen/antibody reaction. If this attack continues, it sets the stage for autoimmune diseases (ankylosing spondylitis, lymphocytic thyroiditis etc.)

The mechanism of action of acupuncture on allergy

  • After application, IgA and cytokines are regulated and response to allergens is organized

After the applied session, ability to resist stress increases because the secretion of Endorphin, Serotonin and other neurohumoral factors increase and eventually nerve transmission and neurotransmitter release are affected.

  • By regulating blood flow and the release of immune factors inflammation is reduced
  • The increase of the functionality of natural killer cell (NK) and the modulation of the number/ratio of the immune cell types are provided.
  • By triggering secretion of steroid from our endocrine gland, allergic reactions is held inside (there will be no need for the steroid drugs taken outside having a number of side-effects)

As a result of local microcirculation increase the dissolution of edema occurs. If a person is allergic to a nutriment e.g. strawberry/egg, does this now mean that he/she cannot eat it throughout his/her life? NO. If the patient’s intestinal flora and nutrition are corrected and his resistance to stress is improved he can enjoy his favorite nutriments again. We reduce the patient’s allergic intolerance with the combined treatment we apply.

In fact all diseases/complaints begins with the failure to meet the blood, oxygen, water, minerals and other vital substances that a single cell needs and remove the waste materials(allergens, toxins) resulting from functioning of the cell. A number of signals are emitted from the body as a result of the errors that occur in metabolism (E.g. fever, excessive sweating, fetor oris, nausea, constant fatigue, bowel problems etc.) misguidance starts here.  We suppress these distress calls with pain killers, antifebriles, antiallergens etc. assuming them as illnesses. However, what needs to be done is to help the body through healing by activating its inner mechanisms. We believe the patient attains healing as a result of treating the body, emotions, mind/subconscious and soul as a whole. Allergic response is this kind of situation and in our clinic we aim to reach success as a result of many techniques moving along not only one form of treatment method.

Dr. Ceyhun NURİ


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Dr. Ceyhun NURİ

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