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Health and Healing In Yourself, Dıscovery It

doktor ceyhun nuri profil fotoğraf

Received Training and Missions


Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine

Served as Emergency Service Doctor in Public Hospitals

Served in the First Aircraft Ambulance Team of Republic of Turkey

Received Ministry of Health Family Medicine Training

Acquired Acupuncture Training at Gazi University

Received Gazi University Auricular Acupuncture Training

Received Gazi University Mesotherapy Training

Received Yildirim Beyazit University Phytotherapy Training

Received Yıldırım Beyazıt University Cup and Cupping Training

Osteopathy Training

Manual Therapy Training

Received MODER Medical Ozone Treatment Training

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Dr. Ceyhun NURI has spent the last 15 years on his successful studies in the field of classical western medicine to Eastern, Islamic, Ottoman Medicine and Folk Medicine. He currently conducts his work in a clinic that he owns with an area of approximately 500 sqm, one of the largest Natural Treatment Centers in Ankara. With his team, each one having experience in their field, continues to offer treatment and immemorial information within the understanding of the current medicine.


We have given names to signs / symptoms / diseases so that we can understand and negotiate. The complaints arise when the body functioning mechanisms such as absorption, metabolism, production, detoxification, cleansing ability, circulation, respiration, neural communication, oscillation etc. are distorted due to our own faults. Sometimes we try to suppress a situation where we cannot detect the cause with anti-inflammatory (immunosuppressive), immunosuppressive (immunosuppressive) medicines. WITH THE INTENTION OF IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE PATIENT, we make mistakes that will REDUCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE AND EXTINGUISH THE JOY OF LIFE by resorting to the difficult ways / methods of recovery (bowel removal, organ removal, prosthesis, etc.)

Wish you Attain Healing with the Right Diagnosis and Treatment

Health and Healing is Inside You, Discover it!

Dr. Ceyhun Nuri